Who we are

QUANTUM TEAM is a privately-held innovation consulting firm based in Belgrade.

We help our clients grow of all sizes, all industries and geographies to solve growth challenges ranging from incremental innovation within existing business, to big bets on breakthrough innovation (banking and financial services, telecommunications, public administration, sport, fashion and luxury sectors).

Our multi-disciplinary team is drawn from diverse backgrounds and industries, and leverages decades of experience in developing innovation strategies, creating a new business and accelerating their path to market.


Our obsession is with outcomes, wheter we’re engaged on an individual project for a portfolio company or a structured multi-year partnership with a international and domestic organization.

In fact, we’re so committed to outcomes that we put a significant portion of our potential revenue at risk, contigent upon the solutions we deliver hitting pre-defines success milestones. Putting skin in the game ensures total alignment of our clients interests with ours. We are partners in the risk innovation carries, with mutualn vested interest in overcoming them and delivering transformational outcomes.


Whether we’re uncovering new markets for emerging technologies or extending existing brands into high-growth adjacencies, we always set out to solve both sides of the innovation equation: delivering to the needs of the consumer as well as the requirements of the business.

Our approach to solving the two-sides innovation equation involves bringing two discrete capabilities together into one process – addressing the consumer and commercial proposition simultaneously, rather than consecutively.

We care as much as about operational capabilities and the regulatory environment as we do about unmet needs and consumers value propositions.


Close-in, low-risk innovation that leverages existing investment in brands and capabilities in order to sustain market share and consumer relevance.

Leveraging existing capabilities to extend the addressable market for our brands through the introduction of a new value proposition for consumers.